Tips for Buying a Used BMW 5 Series Car

The BMW 5 series can be an excellent choice for used car buyers looking for a mid-sized executive car. Many 5 series cars were originally purchased with an extensive equipment list and it is possible to pick up a great bargain that will give you are really great car that is enjoyable to drive at a good price. But part of the reason for this is that there have been a number of problems with some of the parts on the 5 series, and although BMW did fix some of these through recalls there are still plenty of vehicles out there that you would want to avoid.

Because of these problems some used car buyers choose to ignore the 5 series altogether, but that only means that there is an even better chance to bag a bargain for someone who knows what they are looking for an can avoid buying a car which will cause them problems. So here are some top tips on what to look for when buying a used BMW 5 Series:

Check that the engine is completely clean and does not have oily marks on it, and check that the underside of the engine and transmission is completely dry. If it isn’t, then the car you are looking at is probably one of those that was missed during the recalls and should be avoided.

The transmission and drivetrain should not vibrate. If it does it may need expensive repairs to the tail-shaft balancer unit. The vibration may not start until the car gets over 40mph, so try to take it somewhere where you can go over this speed during your test drive.

A well services car should have a perfectly smooth transmission with no resistance or clunking noise.

If any of the electrics function poorly then that is a sign of either poor servicing or accident repairs. In either case it is probably best to avoid a car with these problems because although they may seem minor, they may be a sign of more significant problems just down the line.