High Performance - The BMW M5

The BMW M5 is a muscle machine that redefines almost everything anyone thought a saloon car could do. With an array of technology, including one of the fastest computers on four wheels, it breaks convention after convention delivering a top notch driving experience.

BMW M5 Car Review

The BMW M5 has a fabulous engine and a terrific chassis. It has a seven-speed manual gearbox but no clutch pedal.
It uses a head up display to supplement traditional instrumentation and its electronic brain performs calculations at the rate of 200 million per second.
But a note of caution must be sounded. Many of the M5’s most amazing innovations – such as launch control – are so potent they can never be unleashed on the open road.
The M5 has a split personality and its finest points can only be realised within the confines of a race track.
With an incredible 507bhp on tap from a 5.0-litre V10 engine, the M5 leaves most everything trailing in its wake.
The M5’s blistering credentials are matched by needle sharp handling thanks to a feast of technology – both mechanical and electrical.
The lightweight, all-aluminium V10 engine is cast at the Landshut foundry in Germany and is set at 90 degrees to get the best in terms of balance and low vibration.
Its phenomenal power comes without the aid of any turbo or supercharging and is so high revving it red lines at 8,250 revs.
Going through the 8,000 barrier for a road car sees each piston covering a staggering 20 metres a second – an astonishing performance considering the high mileage the M5 is expected to cover in its lifetime.


The M5 benefits from the impressive qualities of the 5 Series so is spacious, refined and comfortable.
However the iDrive system and the abundance of equipment in the M5 mean it will take time to fully orientate yourself around all the controls. For example the M5 allows you to vary the support of the seat’s side bolsters according to the steering input.
With this attention to detail, it is no surprise then that the driving position is impressively comfortable.
Like any other 5 Series the M5 is a roomy car for four with plenty of space in the back. The boot is big enough for business or sports paraphernalia or a family’s holiday luggage.
The M5 is well assembled and BMW engines rarely give any trouble.
The M5 will cost plenty to run, with fuel consumption and insurance costs in line with what you would expect from a four-door supercar

Life Style

If you want to go Mach 2 with your hair on fire then the M5 ticks all the boxes.
On the open road the M5’s superlative qualities leap out and grab you, but on the track its abilities render the most demanding of drivers speechless.
For normal use, the M5’s V10 pumps out 400bhp and manual gear changes are performed sequentially either by moving a short throw lever forwards or backwards or via steering-wheel mounted paddles. If needed, the car can be left in auto mode to handle the changes itself – handy if you are stuck in city traffic.
But with the help of even more electronics – and that ultra-fast computer – the M5 morphs into a car like no other.
At the push of a button the rate of gar change can be altered, as can the suspension and stability controls and also the power from the engine.
In all there are 11 different modes the Drivelogic transmission can deliver and your preferred setting for all the M5’s functions can be stored in the computer ready for action.
When that time comes, just push the M Power button mounted in the centre of the steering wheel and the M5 transforms instantly from high performance road car to racing car with all 507bhp on tap.

Security and Safety

Safety features are comprehensive with eight airbags, anti-lock brakes, stability control and even an electronic differential lock to help keep the car from sliding of the road.
Generally BMWs have effective security as well. Even if thieves manage to break in they will be hard-pressed to drive the car away.

The Finishing Touches

The BMW M5 is fitted with all the usual goodies plus bi-xenon lamps, a navigation system, leather seats and the head up display. Bluetooth phone connectivity, a digital television and seats with variable side support are among the options.