Lease 5 Series

The BMW 5-series is a car that is almost synonymous with the term ‘executive saloon’, and it is a car that has proved particularly popular, and is one that is frequently to be found being leased.  The saloon is by far the most popular version of the 5-series because of the number of business users that have these cars, but there is also the estate version which is dubbed ‘Touring’, and the ‘Gran Turismo Hatchback’ version.  Although it is possible for private drivers to lease a 5-series, this executive saloon is generally leased by businesses for their high value employees.

There are a number of different benefits that companies can enjoy when they lease a 5-series, and one of the most important of these is that it is much easier to budget for a fixed monthly cost.  BMW will often be willing to negotiate better deals for those companies that supply a number of their employees with cars, and the small deposits mean it isn’t too expensive to do this.  Leasing also helps to reduce the liability to the company when compared with purchasing the car, and there are also tax benefits that companies and employees can use when leasing a car.

One aspect that is quite important when leasing a 5-series is to choose the right model and level of trim, as these cars can be prone to suffering from depreciation that can affect the payment at the end of the lease.  Those cars that do have the more desirable options will likely achieve a higher value at the end of the lease, meaning that the chances of having to make an additional payment are reduced.  This also means that it is worth taking good care of the care and having it serviced regularly to ensure that there is no such payment needed at the end of the lease.

When it comes to arranging a lease, this is usually arranged through BMW’s corporate sales team for larger companies, although individuals interested in such an arrangement can enquire through their local BMW dealer. Leasing is evermore prevalent, for example there are more leases than used car sales Scotland - which shows how people want to spend their money.

With its sleek looks and well-established model, the 5-series is a very interesting and attractive proposal for those looking to lease a new car.  Although there are many competitors that have tried to steal the executive saloon crown from BMW, the revamp of the 5-series in 2010 helped this German manufacturer to consolidate its position at the top of the pile.